Our Mission

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Founded in collaboration with Prity Mehta , Dhvani Mehta and Dishant Ranganathan , our company embodies a shared vision of authentic craftsmanship and positive impact on society.

House of Macramé is fully committed to promoting the financial empowerment of women in India using craft as a lever.

We offer employment opportunities in the form of permanent contracts with contracts and fixed salaries, thus allowing women to support themselves sustainably. We currently have 7 women.

In addition, we organize courses aimed at raising awareness among village women of essential social concepts, thus strengthening their understanding of their rights and duties in the society.

  • 80%

    Indian women are employed in the informal sector without contracts or fixed salaries , leaving room for numerous injustices and disputes.

  • 50%

    There are illiterate women in rural India, accounting for just under 450 million people , more than the population of the United States.

  • 12 millions

    Women around the world are forced into marriage before they reach the age of majority .

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  • It all starts at the end of 2020

    Originally from Banswara, we observed this sad reality. Women frequently find themselves married very young and end up under the influence of their husbands. Often occupying informal jobs as cleaners or cooks, without a contract, they face numerous injustices. Not earning enough, they have no say in the decisions that concern them. We have thus observed numerous injustices, discrimination and sexual violence.

  • The breakthrough

    Macrame expert Prity Mehta recognized the exceptional potential of this technique. She trained the women of the village, creating the first dreamcatchers. The success of this initiative inspired the launch of our business in India. The enthusiasm was immediate, allowing us to quickly recruit women on permanent contracts. One of our employees, a victim of domestic violence, was able to get her own apartment and free herself from her toxic environment.

    This sums up the very essence of our company: offering sustainable solutions for our women.

  • Inspiring Courses

    We organize courses focused on social values, what is acceptable and what is not, as well as our rights and duties. Indeed, many women married very young have not had access to education, and in a society where forced marriages are commonplace, it was necessary to provide a neutral vision. In addition, we offer modules on geography, history, current affairs and accounting, so that they take on more and more responsibilities. These courses are crucial for team cohesion and the caring atmosphere that we create.

  • Towards a Long-term Impact

    Today, our thriving company embodies a model of sustainability and innovation. From high-quality leather goods to the most innovative creations, we offer products that combine elegance and ethics. But beyond the products, it is the essence of our commitment that defines us. We proudly employ seven full-time women, offering them more than just positions, but true financial independence and a path to emancipation. Our mission has only just begun, and our determination to positively impact the lives of women will not waver.

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